Friday, November 27, 2020

Science Fantasy Races

 You could use these racial classes to spice up your Science-Fantasy RPG instead of ye olde elfs n dorfs. Light reskins with a few extra abilities. Probably don't have much longevity.

a society of brass automata philosopher-monks that keep the general peace in Jal’um-jaal, each housing a neuron of the essence of Neutral-Good. Their weapon is the quarter staff and symbol the gray cloak they wear. Since Jal’um-jaal has no governing body the Yargot do not keep laws but rather act from a sense of naive altruism. Yargot monks see the good in every living thing.

XP and HD as cleric. Use only quarterstaves and cudgels.
Armor Class bonus equal to half of HD, plus Dex bonus.
Yargot can spend a HD to heal the HD of another creature using built-in medical nanotechnology.

Detect Magic: can see magic once per day
Repel Human: push a human being away either a. with a blast of force, b. with gentle pressure
Calm Being: emit subsonic noise which gives you a second chance at a failed reaction roll at +2 bonus

Primitive wildmen covered in thick hair. Eschew clothes. Barbarous warriors capable of climbing, tracking, jumping, and running with inhuman ability, capable of hiding in wilderness settings.

XP and HD as fighters
Saves start at Fourth level
Brute Strength: +1 damage every 3 levels, can perform feats of strength easier
Tough skin: shake off one hit per day.
Wildwalk: +4 to hide in chosen biome, gain a new biome every three levels
Know the way: proficient at tracking and wilderness survival in chosen biome, gain new biome every three levels.

Techno-mancing hyper-vampires. Pale white skin, huge eyes, sharp teeth. Can speak to machines, use body as battery by plugging wires into self. Needs to restore bodily energy by consuming brains. 

XP and HD as magic-users
Obscurement: transform into a shadow and glide through the air quietly. If light falls on you immediately turn back. You can't inflict any harm in this form.
Ocupod Form: Transform into a big glowing eyeball with a bunch of angry tentacles. Constantly makes a loud screaming noise. AC 2, two attacks per turn, two saves Vs magic, fly.
Command Androids up to HD broken androids raise, follow simple commands.

Decrepit bird people, like octogenerian vultures. Bleary eyes, shakey clawed hands, infinitely old culture. Can fly and speak extra languages. Use these guys instead of elves except they can't use armor.

XP and HD as magic-users
Command: the ancient race of Questrons allow them to make demands.
Ethereal Jaunt: as spell, once per day.
Darkness: as spell, once per day.

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  1. Having the octopus replace the bat as the basis for vampirism feels like a really nice science fantasy touch.