Sunday, April 30, 2023

Secret Santicorn 2022 - O'Neil Cylinder Generator

 I've been sitting on this for months worrying about it being terrible because I'm both an overachieve and a self sabotager. 

Johnvak01 asked for a hexcrawl of an o'cylinder or a way to populate one  This is right up my alley! 

Now that the pressure is off to actually release it I might come back and do a version 2.0. Originally I wanted the cylinder creation be similar to Hosting a Dungeon, or making a character in Traveler - a kind of worksheet where you roll and spend points and do little mini games and end up with something weird.

Instead of that what you're getting is a shit load of tables and suggestions. I'd like some feedback as to what you like/dislike. It hasn't been play tested. Lemme know if you use it.

So tired must stop moving

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